CREG's 11.05m Mega EPB TBM to Excavate Dubai Deep Tunnel Storm Water System


    06 August 2018 Monday

    Two CREG earth pressure-balanced TBMs (EPB TBMs) will excavate a 10km tunnel, with a boring diameter of 11.05m, for the Deep Tunnel Storm Water System for Airport City-Expo 2020 in Dubai, making them the largest TBMs ever utilised in the UAE. The PORR-SIX Construction Joint Venture has ordered the two EPB TBMs at China Railway Engineering Equipment Group (CREG) last December.


    The EPB TBMs have been manufactured by CREG according to the contract schedule. This July, Representatives included Christoph Duempelmann, Project Director of DTSWS from Porr, and Francois Springuel, Deputy Project Director from Six Construct visited CREG’s facilities in China, and signed the Factory Acceptance Certificates for the machines. The factory acceptance tests (FAT) were attended by senior representatives of Dubai Municipality, the project management consultant, and the PORR-SIX Construction Joint Venture under the leadership of Dr. Jayapregasham Tharamapalan, Project Director from the Municipality. Officials presented at the ceremony.


    Commenting on the UAE’s largest construction TBMs, Tharamapalan said that the JV’s early procurement of the machines, as well as CREG’s timely manufacturing work, marked an important milestone for the project.


    According to plan, the two machines are currently being dismantled and shipped to the jobsite in Dubai. CREG will provide field service to support the machine assembly, testing, commissioning and boring.

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